Shopping Tours

Have you ever gone shopping for milk and bread and come home with a bag full of other things you didn’t mean to buy?

Does all the information on food labels confuse you?

Which is better, low fat or low carb?

Choosing healthy foods and looking at food labels can be daunting, so let Ezette be your guide. She will explain the intricate information on food labels, help you discover new, delicious meals, and you will leave with tricks, tips and the confidence to select nutritious products at your local market.

Every bite you take can lead you to a happier and more nourished body and mind. It’s not about following a diet or taking supplements. Nutrition services are evidence-based and tailored to you based on your lifestyle, food preferences, and personal health goals.

Ezette can help you build a healthy grocery cart, and assist you in creating that functional pantry you always wanted. We all know that grocery stores can be tricky because of how products are stocked and that they are packed with choices, all of which can leave us feeling uncertain sometimes. The grocery store is the start of where nutrition goals turn into action. This interactive excursion will leave you with a better understanding of how to shop smart moving forward and get the best bang for your buck!