Gut Intelligence Testing

Ezette has partnered with Viome to bring you Gut Intelligence Testing. Gut Intelligence Testing analyses the gut microbiome to understand how certain changes in diet can lead to better overall health.

Your gut microbiome consists of bacteria and fungi that inhabit every part of your gastrointestinal tract. Microbiomes have a major influence on your metabolism, body weight, immune system, appetite and mood.

Through artificial intelligence, Viome’s Gut Testing reveals what foods and supplements are ideal for you, based on your gut microbiome. The goal of testing is for you to gain the knowledge you need to achieve peak health.

How it works:

  • Step 1: Purchase a Viome kit from Ezette, submit a sample, and complete your questionnaires.
  • Step 2: Ezette will send your sample off to a laboratory for analysis.
  • Step 3: Your recommendations are delivered straight to you through your Viome app, tablet, or computer.

Why choose Gut Intelligence Testing?

Get in better shape

Understanding gut microbiomes can help you lose weight and shape your body

Improve your quality of sleep

Testing helps discover which species of bacteria may contribute to your body's supply of melatonin, which influences the sleep-wake cycle.

Gain mental clarity

Your microbiomes influence your emotions and your happiness in a very real and tangible way. So, understanding microbiomes can help you manage your mental health.

Eliminate your digestive issues

The test can help determine which foods are causing you gas, bloating, acid reflux and other common digestive issues.

Improve your skin health

Gut testing can restore the imbalance in your microbiome, thereby minimising skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Test results

Gut Intelligence Testing gives you a realistic picture of what's happening in your gut and how the foods you eat are affecting you. The test results will include lists of foods to enjoy, minimise, or avoid and why. Results will also contain a list of recommendations for probiotics and supplements if you need them. The foods we recommend are intended to help your microbiome stimulate the production of healthy nutrients that your body needs and decrease the toxins being produced.